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SPLASH-N-GO Interior Detailer
NASCAR In The Groove 5-in-1 Interior Detailer

Interior Detailer

NASCAR In The Groove 5-in-1 Interior Detailer

IN THE GROOVE 5-in-1 Interior Detailer is uniquely formulated to clean and protect your vehicle's interior. Our 5-in-1 Interior Detailer lifts and removes dirt from steering wheels, dashboards, shift handles, gauges, navigation screens, and door panels. IN THE GROOVE is part of our full line of car cleaning supplies.


  • Always test a small inconspicuous area first

  • Spray IN THE GROOVE 5-in-1 Interior Detailer on dirty surfaces

  • Wipe up dirt and grime with a microfiber towel

  • For GPS, LCD, navigation screens, and electronics spray directly onto a microfiber towel before wiping


Did you know? Five fun facts about the early NASCAR cup series cars.

  • Generation 1: 1948-1966 Strictly stock frame and body. Doors strapped shut, seat belts required. Heavy-duty rear axle required to keep cars from flipping during the race.

  • Generation 2: 1967-1980 Stock body with a modified frame. Modified chassis.

  • Generation 3: 1981-1991 Wheelbase reduced to 110 inches. NASCAR downsizes cars to better resemble cars on the showroom floor. Body panels are still purchased through manufacturers.

  • Generation 4: 1992-2006 Highly modified body. Teams spent hours in wind tunnels to gain aero edge. Bumpers/nose and tail composed of molded fiberglass based off of production counterparts.

  • Generation 5: 2007-2012 Introduced a new era of safety. Common body and chassis for all manufacturers reduced the need for track-specific race cars. Front splitter and rear wing offer teams aero adjustment options.

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