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Runnin' Shine Wheel and Tire Cleaner

Wheel and Tire Cleaner

Runnin' Shine Wheel & Tire Cleaner

RUNNIN' SHINE Wheel & Tire Cleaner is uniquely formulated to safely remove dirt, grime, and brake dust from any wheel surface. Runnin' Shine is pH neutral and perfect for cleaning chrome, stainless steel, custom aluminum, and magnesium wheels, as well as painted brake calipers and suspension components.


  • Rinse wheels with water to loosen dirt and grime

  • Spray cleaner on wheels, tires, brakes, and suspension components

  • Let sit for several minutes, gently brush away residue

  • Rinse with clean water

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NASCAR Runnin' Shine Wheel & Tire Cleaner

Many of NASCAR’s original stars got their start running moonshine through the Appalachian Mountains. It was a huge business in the South, and most of the drivers either drove, owned, or built moonshine cars. They modified their cars to generate speed to evade the authorities, which crossed over to the sport. The most successful drivers of the day modified their engines to produce more power, added heavy-duty suspension components to safely carry the extra weight, and removed everything but the driver’s seat to carry as much as possible.

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