Oil Change

Conventional oil change: $40

Synthetic blend oil change: $55

Full synthetic oil change: $70

High Mileage oil: Adds $10


The above pricing includes 5 quarts of oil and an oil filter. It also includes free extras found below the chart. Some larger engines require more than five quarts. In these cases oil will be charged as follows;

Conventional: $4/quart

Synthetic blend: $7/quart

Full synthetic: $10/quart

High mileage: adds $2/quart.

Not sure which oil is right for you? See the oil selection guide below:


Every oil change comes with these extras (all free!)

Tire pressure refill

Windshield wiper check

Air filter check

Visual brake inspection

Fluid top off


Brake Pads Replacement: $125

Brake Pads and Rotors: $200

Brake prices apply to one axle. 

Here's what else we can do!

Air filter replacement: starting at $20

Windshield wiper change: conventional blade $16 (each)

Windshield wiper change: beam blade $22 (each)

Tire rotation: $20

Rain-X windshield treatment: $4

Headlight lens restoration: $60

Light replacement: price varies

Battery Replacement: price varies

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