PitCrew stands behind the work they perform. All work done by PitCrew will have a warranty of thirty(30) days. This warranty does not apply to after-market products. It will also be voided if the customer alters or tampers with products installed by PitCrew. Any claim covered by this warranty must be accompanied by an original receipt and a sample of the product or products involved in the claim. PitCrew will not cover vehicle issues unrelated to work performed by PitCrew. If a customer provides their own parts for any service, those parts will be excluded from PitCrew's warranty.


Making an Appointment

Requesting a particular date and time does not guarantee that it will be available. No appointment is considered final until reconfirmed by PitCrew


Appointment Times

While every attempt will be made to keep the appointment time, there will be cases where an appointment will have to be rescheduled. Reasons for this include but are not limited to; inclement weather, unforseen emergency, part shortage, complication during a previous appointment. PitCrew will do its very best to reschedule the appointment in a timely manner at a time and location convenient to the customer.


Refusal of Service

In rare cases, the technician may judge that a vehicle has been damaged by a previous service provider. The technician may refuse to perform the service at that time in order to prevent further damage to the vehicle. Given that the nature of oil changes is rarely an emergency, the technician will advise the customer concerning the issue and complete any additional services ordered by the customer. Often, it is recommened that the customer take the vehicle back to where a previous oil change was done, or to the dealer. Any pre-payments will be fully refunded for the ammount of the incomplete service only.


Honesty - Do Things Right and Do the Right Thing

PitCrew's technicians are tasked with upholding the highest ethical standards when conducting their work. They may give advice for work that a vehicle needs or recommend a particular service. They are never trying to "up-sell" you into an un-needed service and they are not payed to bring additional revenue into the business. Please let us know if you feel that a technician has acted in a way that violates this standard of service at any time. 

The maintenance done by PitCrew is generally non-invasive and not easily fumbled. However given the nature of any work done on a vehicle, there will very rarely be cases where damage is sustained due to work done by a PitCrew technician. If this ever happens, PitCrew's pledge is to make it right as soon as we can with as little inconvenience to the customer as possible.

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